What is the College Radio Archive?


The College Radio Archive is an experiment to discover and provide access to recordings, program guides, photographs, flyers and other materials related to the history of college radio. 

While working on my master's project at the University of Texas at Austin, I was alarmed at how difficult it was to find recordings of college radio programs. Although some universities and stations maintain archives, many of these programs only exist in the personal archives of the DJs themselves. 

As a certified archivist and former college radio DJ, I believe there is a need for a space where these programs can be accessed, shared, and enjoyed, and I am excited to facilitate this. The obvious first step is finding materials. If you have recordings or other materials that you are interested in sharing, please use the contribute page to tell me more. 

At this point, this project is just me, a computer, a tape deck, and some recordings I have gathered through friends. However, I hope there are others interested in contributing time and expertise to the project. Please contact me if you would like to help in any way. I look forward to rewriting this page using "us" and "we" pronouns!

Elizabeth Hansen, CA





Mailing Address

2835 Campbell Street, Suite 2B

Kansas City, MO 64109